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Cigarettes vs Heatsticks

Cigarettes and heets IQOS - a serious confrontation that arose relatively recently. Both options are harmful (because they deliver nicotine to the body). So why replace the usual nicotine sticks with a new system? Let's take it all in order.

How does IQOS work?

The IQOS device is a smoking system that heats the built-in cartridge, resulting in the formation of steam. heets installed in the device consist of two elements:

  • Block of compressed and impregnated with glycerine flavored tobacco;
  • Filtration elements (3 filters).

The device reaches only 300-350 degrees (for comparison, the temperature of a burning cigar is 800 degrees). This temperature range allows to obtain a rich taste and aroma heatstick, but completely eliminates the possibility of formation of harmful products of combustion.

Is IQOS safer than cigarettes?

According to research, heets tobacco for IQOS is about 90-95% safer than regular cigarettes. This is possible due to:

  • Use of high-quality tobacco;
  • Absence of chemical impregnations of paper;
  • Lower evaporation temperature of tobacco.

If cigarettes, in addition to nicotine, launch pyrene, prussic acid, methanol, nitromethane and other toxic products into the body, then heets secrete only nicotine. What about glycerin and flavoring? They are harmless - the first substance is actively used in the pharmaceutical industry, and aromatic additives basically everywhere.

Price difference

A big difference between the smoking system and cigarettes is observed in the cost. Regular cigarettes can be purchased for $60 (per pack). The IQOS system will cost about $100. At the same time, the smoker will regularly have to buy cartridges (iqos heets price is approximately 38-40$ per pack).
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Price difference

It is worth recognizing that a one-time investment in the heating system can prevent waste associated with poor health due to the consumption of regular cigarettes. IQOS is also harmful. But a much less than cigarette mixes. This is why such a device is recommended for use by smokers who can't beat their habit.
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