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A new smoking method without smoke

IQOS is a new smoking system that independently heats sticks (containing tobacco), thereby reducing the amount of potentially dangerous substances for the human body. This device is a more easy-going version of cigarettes. Only in this case the person making the puff inhales not smoke, but steam. Produced tobacco sticks have different taste characteristics and strength. Both an avid smoker and a person who has decided to give up this harmful habit will be able to choose suitable capsules.

What are Philip Morris sticks made of?

Philip Morris – the tobacco company originally from America. It was Philip Morris who developed the iQOS smoking system and supplied the sticks for it. Short cigarettes are produced for the device under the HEETS brand. Into Heets composition only two elements are included:

  • Filter (consists of three parts);
  • Pressed tobacco.

The best thing about capsules is their organic nature – they are made of materials that could be recycled by itself.

Tobacco filling

Each HEETS capsule contains tobacco in its composition. But if you break a cigarette, it turns out that there are not many dried leaves, and they do not look much like the tobacco that we are used to seeing when breaking a cigarette. That's right, in heets tobacco, dried leaves come in pre-crushed, dried and pressed form. Their number is slightly less than in regular cigarettes. To achieve maximum flavor and steam, manufacturers soften the tobacco mix with glycerin (do not worry, this substance is harmless and is frequently used in many areas of activity – up to the medicines).

To get a rich taste, aroma heets (rarely capsules with aromatic liquid) are added to short IQOS sticks lines. The HEETS line includes classic tobacco, chocolate, citrus, menthol and other flavors. The external difference between them is the color of the stick (and the pack itself, the block).

Filters in IQOS sticks

If in a usual cigarette filter there is a requirement to clear smoke from the smallest particles of tar, products of combustion, the heatsticks it is only used for cooling the steam and improve the comfort of the smoke. It is made from corn starch and cane (this composition is not inferior to plastic when solidified). When the filter comes into contact with hot moisture (formed due to tobacco heating), it darkens and seals (this does not mean that the heating sticks are damaged).

IQOS stick paper

As in regular cigarettes, the tobacco mix in HEETS products is placed in a special white tobacco paper. At the same time, the iQOS device does not burn the natural paper layer. Due to this, the amount of potentially harmful substances is minimal.

Advantage of heets over cigarettes

A lot of smokers have already decided to switch from regular cigarettes to iQOS and tobacco sticks for heating. This is happening due to the following advantages of this system:

  • Less harm to the human body (the harm of cigarettes is not in nicotine, but in the products of its combustion – the heating system excludes them);
  • The absence of an unpleasant smell (heatsticks aroma is felt only when the steam is tightened, it does not affect hair or clothes);
  • Convenient in use (no ash and no need to light a cigarette with fire);
  • Taste and saturation (tobacco in stickers is high quality tobacco, and a wide range of flavors allows you to choose the ideal option for yourself).

In iQOS, tobacco is heated at a temperature of 350 degrees (in cigarettes this value reaches 800 degrees). Yes, the stickers contain nicotine, which is considered a harmful product. But they do not secrete substances, which do cause health deterioration (tar, chemicals, combustion products). That is why the second option should be preferred between the cigarette and the heating system.
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Buying iqos sticks in specialized online stores

You can buy tobacco capsules in the tobacco department of supermarkets (some of it) or specialized outlets. But the best option for making a purchase will be iqos online shop. Such websites provide an opportunity to purchase any taste of capsules in the required volume. The average heets price (per pack) is 38-40$.

The iQOS heating system is an alternative to smoking, which is also harmful, but it is not that bad compared to cigarettes. It can be used for both daily use and periodic smoke breaks.
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