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Heets Yellow vs Amber

Yellow and Amber are two variants of heets that are most often chosen for everyday use. Yellow and orange cartridges are similar to each other and differ in nut notes, as well as strength.

Description from the manufacturer

Both types of capsules are available as the HEETS branded products. The company is the official manufacturer of sticks for IQOS smoking systems. All the sticks presented by HEETS contain only a filter and a tobacco mix (tobacco soaked in glycerine and processed with flavorings).

Heets Yellow and Amber brand represents tobacco cartridges with a strongly pronounced tobacco flavor. At the same time, amber capsules are the strongest in the line, and yellow (in fact) are their lightweight version.

Base amber and yellow

As mentioned earlier, the basis of Orange and Yellow HEETS sticks is made from tobacco. It is felt in the first seconds of steam absorption. Secondary tastes are revealed gradually.
Each heatstick has its own flavor range:

  • Heets Amber selection - tobacco of special roasting, endowed with subtle notes of walnut and wood. Amber is as close as possible to regular cigarettes and gives a strong smell of it. Suitable for everyday use for people who smoke strong cigars or those who are just switching from them to IQOS.
  • Heets Yellow selection - soft tobacco with hints of spices. The sweet taste is felt when the steam is exhaled or after the smoking is over (as an aftertaste). The most suitable option for frequent consumption, which is explained by neutral taste characteristics and ease.

The taste varieties of the cartridges are shown by the added flavorings. You should not be afraid about its quality - such substances are actively used in the food industry and have been subjected to numerous tests.
Due to the absence of other impurities and a low heating temperature (300 degrees), the exhaled steam is almost instantly dissipated, leaving no smell on things and hair. Thanks to that IQOS smoking is not prohibited even inside of the building.

The main difference between Amber and Yellow is the level of saturation. As for the taste and aroma, the differences are so small that they are quite difficult to feel. Both types of cartridges are similar to regular cigarettes. They are most similar to the Parliament.
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