Devices 3 DUO Kit Color: Blue
The Devices 3 is our latest in HeatControl ™ Innovation remedies. The new Devices 3 is your Devices.

The brand-new functions of the Devices HEETS 3The Devices 3 has a small and ergonomic style. It is boosted with the new ProtectPlus ™ system for boosted integrity and security of your Devices (shock resistance, performance tests, longer battery life and enhanced heating chamber). The Devices 3 holder is the tiniest holder we have actually created yet. Easy drop insertion with magnetic lock, resonance signals and 15% sparkle faster vs. Devices 2.4 Plus.

MEASUREMENTS:Owner: Dia: 14.42 mm, Height: 92.27 mm
Pocket Battery Charger: Size: 46.3 mm, Deepness: 22.88 mm, Height: 114.68 mm

Quick guidelines for usageInitial check out the fundamental actions for using Devices in the guidebook. Remember that you have to get rid of the refill by ejecting the leading cover, do not draw the cigarette out of the filter, the burned tobacco will certainly continue to be within.
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